Import and Export Data between tables from different Databases Types

SQLIE Database converter is a software that can import and export data between different databases.

SQLIE is used to:

The MOST Advantages Of Using SQLIE :-

1-Allow use different kind of databases so you can have all the benefits of every DB . 

As an example, you can use Oracle Schema Database with Access DB so you collect the benefit of the two DB which is the power of Oracle and the friendly use and low cost of access  

2-Divided your work into two sides Client Side and Server Side which will allow use the applications offline.

3-Providing the offline Service will speed Client Side Works and Reduces the Server Side Overhead Connections.

 SQLIE Ver19.0.0 is avaliable to download the trial version Click on the button below.

Note:ON Trial version 10 records only can be inserted or updated.

See SQLIE videos by clicking on:    


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